Installation Instructions for the Enkor Barnwood Collection, including:
Mountain Music, Urban Cowboy, and Classic Country.


  • Planks add approximately 7/16" to the wall thickness.
  • Each box contains 8 panels, offering 20.81 square feet of coverage. Calculate how many boxes you will need.
  • Enkor Interior Accents wall planks are not recommended for installation outdoors, on floors, or in high moisture areas like showers or bath tubs.
  • For best results, install on wood framed walls covered with drywall with each plank horizontal.
  • WARNING - Enkor Interior Accents is classified as a combustible material and must be installed with proper clearances from heat sources according to the fireplace, heater, or appliance manufacturers installation instructions.



Tape Measure




Nails: 18 gauge,




Nail Gun


Step Ladder • Stud Finder • Straight Edge • Level



Unbox your Enkor™ accent planks. For best results, allow Enkor planks to acclimate to the room conditions prior to installation. Spread out the boxes with the planks lying flat on a solid surface. (Approx. 24 hrs)


Time to turn up the tunes and get started. Depending on the exact height of your space you may need to cut a narrow row of planks to finish the wall.

Determine this by simply measuring your wall from ceiling to floor and divide this measurement by the width of your Enkor plank.
(The decimal amount will be the part less than a full piece.)

*Enkor pieces measure 5-7/8" (5.875) in height.

Example: Wall Height 96" divided by 5.875 = 16.34
16 (full courses) x 5.875" = 94"
96" – 94" = 2"

You will need 16 full pieces at 5.875" and 1 piece at 2" to complete

If a narrow row of Enkor planks are necessary, we recommend installing planks starting with a full panel and working from the top of the wall down. Often, the bottom row will not be visible due to the placement of furniture or trim.


Align your planks on the floor to visualize how your layout will look before you begin attaching to the wall. Locate the wall studs' centers and use a light vertical pencil line to mark the location with a level.

A battery-operated stud finder can help with this task. Note that studs may not be exactly 16" or 24" apart especially if there are windows or other openings in the wall. Locating each stud will allow you to place board ends over the stud, so both pieces can be nailed securely to it.



Cross cutting to length with a power saw is recommended. We also recommend you make cuts as you install the planks on the wall to ensure you have accurate length measurements to minimize unnecessary waste. For your safety, always cut wood products in a well ventilated area using safety glasses, a dust mask, and gloves. Be sure to read manufacturer specifications and instructions before operating any power equipment.

If you need to cut the width of the plank we recommend using a circular saw. Simply measure the area of wall left to cover to get the width measurement, then cut the plank(s) to match.


We recommend installing planks starting with a full panel and working from the top of the wall down. Start the first row from left to right, install the next row from right to left and continue to alternate directions for each row. The cut off portion from the previous row should be used to start the next row.

The ends of adjacent planks should meet at the center of a stud for proper attachment. If there is no baseboard, allow for a small gap between the floor and the bottom of the first plank.


Enkor™ wall planks are non-structural. We recommend attaching through the planks into studs to hang shelves or artwork. For proprietary wall hardware, follow the manufacturer's installation instructions and remember that Enkor™ planks add approximately 7/16 inch to the wall thickness.


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