The Importance of Texture in Interior Design

Do you ever get the feeling that a room in your home is just missing something? All the core elements an eye-catching design are there with your color scheme – furniture and décor – but there is no WOW factor. Have you ever considered texture?

Introducing texture into your current design concept doesn't have to be a challenge. Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate texture into your home.

What is Texture?

In the words of design, texture is the impact of how objects feel through the sense of touch on the external surface. To get a better idea of what texture consists of, imagine settling into leather cushions or walking through a plush carpet or rug.

While texture may play a supporting role to the purpose of the space, it is no less important to a design's success. Picture yourself trying to get comfortable on a chair made out of a hard material such as granite. It may have the “look”, but be missing utility. Always consider how texture will affect the overall experience and atmosphere of your design.

Creating Balance & Visual Interest

To create a strong balance in your home that is visually appealing, a warm or cool color is often introduced, however, incorporating a form of texture works in an exceedingly similar approach. If you are working with a specific color palette where the shades are very similar, the proper use of texture is that much more important. Not only is the look of texture important, but also the feel of the elements you choose. Depending on the look of your home and your own personal style, rough textures are more likely to make a space feel intimate and grounded whereas sleek textures bring a sleeker more reserved tone to the area.

Another essential design element along with texture is adding contrast. By incorporating contrast to your look, it will keep the room balanced and visual interest.

From Textiles to Walls

Incorporating some form of texture to your home makes your space complete but if you need some guidance on where to start, we've got you covered. Here are some textured elements that you can simply add to the room of your choosing:

Furniture – Wooden benches, satin reading chairs, and marble tabletops all bring out a definite feel to the space.
Décor Items – Flowers or any personal items can be used.
Floor and Wall Coverings – A throw rug or a patterned wall design like Enkor Accents will bring depth to the space.
Textiles – Throw pillows and blankets are a comfort design element and even make a room pop.

Thinking about the combination of patterns and texture are both important aspects of the design process but are also extremely different. Patterns are typically visual prints while texture is a tangible design element that you can touch. Try adding both design elements into your space instead of choosing one over the other.

Whether you decide to add a rug to add to a bedroom or a coffee table to give your living room, remember how much texture can elevate a room, making the room feel complete. This is the time to be creative and use these key components to make your space your own.

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